Purchase Process

Lyrebird bikes are the result of a conversation between you the rider and me the builder. If you want to start that conversation right now feel free to head to the contact page and fill out a short form or phone/email me directly, otherwise read on for more information.

Order Process:
The first part of the conversation covers the kind of riding you do and what you want your bike to be. An essential part of this discussion revolves around what you like about your current bike(s), what you’d like to change and how what I do fits in with this.
If you have a tree or wood type which has emotional resonance with you please include this in the discussion, most of the time I can work it into the design.
If you decide a Lyrebird is right for you, the next step is to reserve a place on the build list.
Once you get to the top of the list I will draw up the final design in CAD and begin planning the layup and joint schedules for the build. Half the cost of the build becomes payable at this stage.
The build itself takes six to eight weeks during which you will be kept updated with progress pics of your bike. The remainder becomes payable when the build is finished.

Price and Options:
Price is currently $USD4000 or $AUD5500 for a frameset (frame, fork, headset and bottom bracket). The Australian price includes GST.
The price includes the appropriate ENVE fork for the build, Cane Creek 110 headset and T47 BB with White industries stainless bearings and cups.
There are no extra cost options on the frame itself, if your design includes fender and / or rack mounts, disc brakes, internal cable routing etc. these will be included.

Build Kits:
My preferred build kit includes Campagnolo mechanical drivetrain and wheels from Tristan at Wheelworks NZ but I can build your bike up with any practical combination of components.
Pricing for components and wheels is standard Australian retail price. There is no added cost for the mechanical build.

In Australia: Free if you are in Melbourne or can get here. $100 – $200 to most capital cities.
Rest of world: $300 – $500 to East Asia, Europe, North America.
An indicator shipping cost will be calculated when the design is discussed.
Framesets are shipped in a custom made frame box. Fully built bikes are shipped in a full EnviroBikeBox.

Tax and customs:
Australian residents pay GST.
No GST is payable by international customers however you will be responsible for any customs or import charges at your end. The declared value on the customs documentation will be the actual price.

Care and maintenance.
The bikes are finished with a proprietary blend of natural tung and eucalyptus oils. This oil finish is extraordinarily durable and refinishable. I recommend that the wooden surface be cleaned and re-oiled at regular intervals: six months for ordinary use, more often if the bike is used in harsher environments. Re-oiling is performed by simply rubbing over the surface with oil on a soft cotton rag or bamboo paper then polishing the oil in until the surface feels warm to touch. Elbow grease is the key.
For Australian residents I will provide a bottle of refurbishing oil, unfortunately air transport regulations forbid this for OS customers.
Tung oil is available from most good paint suppliers but be aware that unless it says “Pure Tung Oil” it isn’t.
Any exposed carbon or other fibre composite is finished with several coats of marine grade 2k polyurethane. This should last for many years but if there is any evidence of yellowing of the finish or the epoxy matrix the finish will need to be stripped and re-applied. This is a specialist job, if you don’t want to return the frame to me seek out a local boatbuilder.